5 ceiling ideas for your home makeover

Interior design in Dubai offers luxury ceiling professional designers, engineers, lighting technicians, decorators and sculptor. They give your house a fabulous makeover with highlighting ceiling as a focal point with modern technologies. Interior design in Dubai combines unique design solutions and innovations with creative ceiling ideas. The decor combines new ways of ceiling lighting and time-tested traditions. As they make a place look much better with light, Dubai interior designers create amazing pictures with beautiful play of lights.

If you are looking for ceiling ideas for your home makeover, interior design in Dubai give some marvellous ideas of roof outline thoughts that may offer you some assistance with cool and unusual styles. Even though I think white ceilings are just great and royal; and there are also other very easy and great ways to decorate them.

Glass Ceilings with a row of led light, wood ceiling design or the classy rustic bedroom ceiling design, the modern bedroom ceiling designs,  gypsum,  plastic and tin bedroom ceiling designs, false ceiling designs for bedroom are in trend. If you are looking for some inexpensive ways to give a new look to you ceiling try them:

  • White ceiling

Most of the people prefer simple white ceilings. It maybe because of neglecting the possibility of ceiling design or they rather feel that’s the best solution. Despite the fact that I think white roofs are magnificent there are exceptionally cool approaches to outline the fifth wall (ceiling).

  • Paint

it’s the most easy and financially savvy devices for decorating the roofs. Lighter paint hues on the roof extend space, while dim hues lend warmth. Proceeding with wall shading as a perimeter around a roof border makes the space look taller.  Be careful while wielding paint is used as a designing tool on the roof.

Plain ceiling can be highlight with a bright lamp in the center or you can add different geometrical shapes and fill them with colors’.

kitchen before and after

  • Tiles or planks

Acquire more style while covering roof damage or  popcorn composition with square or rectangular tiles or boards made of PVC vinyl, overlay, or mineral fiber (which additionally offers some protection and sound-sealing qualities). Installation of tiles or planks does not cost you much.

  • Mouldings

Including crown moulding and other wood trim pieces to a plain roof makes the structure look great. Utilizing pre-made embellishment corners, an interior designer can introduce trim or a crown forming on the roof.

  • Tin tiles

If you’re looking to hide damage and uneven surfaces then tin ceiling tiles can offer you the best. Embossed, tin-plated steel tiles often produce nice patterns.