5 Facts About Lawyers In Dubai

Lawyers in Dubai are treated with a lot of respect. The have the supreme responsibility of safeguarding the law of a state or the country. When it comes to solving a legal issue, a good lawyer will spend all their efforts in helping out their clients.

Lawyers in Dubai are given the responsibility of safeguarding the emirate. While the laws in Dubai are not as strict as the laws in the rest of UAE, they still need to be followed. A person who doesn’t follow the laws is severely punished. Having a good lawyer by your side is important to fight legal battles.

law in Dubai

However, one needs to know a few facts about the lawyer before approaching them.

  1. They have 0% crime rate: Yes that is very true! The city is ruled under the Muslim laws which are extremely strict. People in Dubai are well aware that the laws won’t spare them for committing a mistake. The same applies to lawyers in the city and they have a very clean conscious.
  2. Studying the law is mandatory: To be a lawyer in Dubai, you will have to be qualified for it. You should have a certificate of completed Law studies. The certificate should be attested and stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only certified lawyers can work in the Emirates.
  3. A person doesn’t have to be a UAE national to be a lawyer: Considering that almost 80% of citizens of Dubai are foreigners, there is no restriction on the studies. You don’t have to be a national of the UAE to be a lawyer in Dubai.
  4. You should be an Arab national to appear in the court: In order to represent a case in the court, you should be an Arab national and a native Arabic speaker, with required qualification.