5 Ways To Prevent Glass Tabletops From Scratches

Glass table is one of the most significant decorative furniture of your home, and if you have such items in your dining or drawing room, then you need to protect the glass from scratches. Most table tops are designed with tempered glasses and it is not very easy to break these glasses. Click Here. But if you mishandle the table top then it can be affected with some scratches and breakage issues

  • Use rubber bumper: it is suggested to use high quality rubber bumper to prevent the glass top scratches and breakage. Normally glass cannot resist high pressure and when you place some things on top, it will automatically create some scratches. In this regards if you use the rubber bumper then the glass can easily resist pressure and you can use it for a long time. This rubber can also tighten your glass and keep it steady for regular use. Branded glass table top comes with this feature.

  • Do not use any clips: when you remove the glass top for the maintenance purpose, you must keep the glass very cautiously. After regular uses, the glass may tighten and it is very difficult to remove the glass top smoothly. In this regards you can hire some professionals who deal with glass repair dubai, and they can clean your glass top. But do not use any clips to remove the glass top because it can create some instant scratches.
  • Avoid placing hot objects on the table top: glass is a fragile item and you need to keep it away from hot things. Do not place any hot food preparation directly on the glass top and you can use some table mats in this regards. If you place warm items on the top then it can create some scratches instantly. Apart from that, excess heat can decrease the shining looks of your glass top.
  • Avoid chemical: glass can easily be cleaned with plain water and you can use some plain water and cotton for wiping the glass table top on regular basis. But do not use any harmful chemical for cleaning purposes because these chemicals can decrease the longevity of your glass table top.
  • Use fiber glass: Fiber glasses are designed with coated fiber or polymers and it is very hard to break these glasses. In this regards you can also use this glass for your table top and protect your table top from frequent damages. In this regards you can also incorporate with some branded glass companies  and design your table top as strong, durable and flexible.

For any issue, you can consult with some professionals who have expertise in glass repair dubai and who deal with all types of glass doors, table top and attachment repairing services.