Accessories that are used to decorate the cake.

A cake is usually associated with celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas a whole range of special occasions. A slice of the beautiful looking and delicious tasting cake can enhance the fun, enjoyment and happiness of any celebration. Because of this enormous popularity, you can get a wide variety of cakes in Dubai, according to your preferences in taste and designs.

You may find baking a cake easy, but when it comes to decorating the cake, the job can be daunting. But using the proper tools and accessories, you can master the art of cake decorating. Here we shall be discussing about a few important accessories for decorating a cake, which are also used by professional cake makers.

  • Cake pans: a professional cake pan is one of the most essential tools required to give a perfect shape to your cake, which is a fundamental in cake decorating. Unlike the slanted sides of usual pans, professional cake pans have straight sides that helps to get perfectly even sides of your cake after it is stacked.
  • Cake spatula and stencils: bigger and fatter than a usual spatula, a cake spatula help you to move the cake without any stress or mess. In order to give your cake a more professional look, you must have cake stencil. It is nothing but a simple cutout guide used for transferring an image on the cake. Simply brush or sprinkle the coloring substance through the perforations in the stencil to get that particular design on the cake in a particular color or colors you desire.
  • Piping or decorating tips: these open ended metal tips are used to make your cake look stylish. You can get them in a range of design and shapes including star- cut, round, drop flower, leaf, petal, ribbon and many others. These help you to create various icing designs on your cake and give your cake a different personality.
  • Fondant roller and smoother: unlike a usual rolling pin that may not be strong enough to roll the fondant thin, a fondant rolling pin should be used for this purpose.  A fondant roller is specifically designed to even out the fondants. A fondant smoother, on the other hand are used for smoothening out the rough edges of the fondant into the cake and get a neat air bubble free finish.
  • Food-grade sculpting tool kit: this is a wonderful thing that helps to give finishing details to your cake. This kit consists a set of tools  including bone tool, ball tool, blade tools, etc. these tools are used to model and shape gum paste or chocolates, add details to the fondant and also to accent the flowers leaves and other such ornaments on the fondant.

Most of the professional bakers who make delectable cakes in Dubai would recommend the use of the above mentioned cake decorating accessories.


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