5 Hotels That You Must Visit in Dubai

With the plush life in Dubai, starting from flashy malls, fast cars, tall buildings and all the glamour, the hotels have not been left behind. It has class luxury stays that have been rated among the best in the world. They include:

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Dubai. It is commonly referred to as the 7 class hotel by its guest. It is shaped like a sailboat. It has chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce car, several butlers, and several private beaches. There are also helicopter rides and amazing dining services. If you have kids, do not worry. It has amazing options for your children too like Sindbad kids. This hotel has been voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel.… Read More

5 Budget Backpackers Place to Visit in Dubai


Have you been looking for the best hotels in Dubai? There are truly thousands of people who are searching for the very best hotels and accommodation to say the least and it’s not hard to see why. Dubai is truly one of the most beautiful destinations around the world today and there is something for everyone. However, if you have been a bit unsure as to where you should visit, there are many great places to consider. Read on to find just five simple yet affordable places to visit within Dubai today.

Jumeirah Beach Park

First and foremost, you should consider taking a little trip to the gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Park. This has so much to offer including a beautiful beach that stretches along … Read More

Experiences Every Traveler Should Have in Dubai

When you are planning to book one of the best hotels in Dubai, you might be wondering if there are some things and experiences that you should do when you are visiting Dubai. The facts are that there are many things that you can do, when you are visiting Dubai, and you will find something that you and your family can enjoy. These are some of the experiences every traveler should have when visiting Dubai.

Flying a kite at the beach

You might think that you can actually fly a kite at any beach, and you don’t need to stay in one of the best hotels in Dubai to experience this.

However, there is a beach known as kite beach where you can fly a … Read More

Bizarre Dubai Hotel Suites

Dubai has gone far when it comes to tourist attraction, and this attracts more hotels in Dubai than what can be possibly imagined. It harbors 600 plus hotels in which 65 among it are five stars with one 7star. With this at hand to impress a guest now takes more than just wine or free wireless in each room. To impress a guest now takes more of aesthetics, luxury and some unimaginable structure that can keep the mind blowing. Imagine a building that stands up and high in the middle of the sea with it height up that you can imagine would have existed.

Best hotels suite in Dubai is not just something you can overlook. Because they provide you with a take home pleasant … Read More

How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels in Dubai

Every person who is visiting Dubai wants to stay in the best hotel with comfortable rooms, efficient staff and wonderful food. However it is not easy to get all of this in low cost. Therefore, we are presenting a list of tips to get the best on Dubai hotels;

  1. Dubai Tour Packages:

To get cheap hotels in Dubai you can check different Dubai tour packages. These packages cover room stays, food deliveries and Dubai sightseeing tours. These can cost you less rentals. Do compare different packages before one that best suits you.

  1. References:

Try to go to the hotels where someone from your friends circle has been to. This will help you in deciding the room size, food choices and check-in time. These things will … Read More


Dubai is a lively and energetic city. It is one of a kind city.  Dubai is a home to a list of superlatives that seems continuous. Dubai has the World’s Tallest Building, the World’s Largest Palm like artificial Island and the World’s biggest Shopping Mall.  It is noteworthy that a about sixty years ago, Dubai was an unknown fishing settlement.  Its phenomenal growth to energetic, lively city has to be seen to be thought. There are many best hotels in Dubai that offer you every luxury, you want.

As you know Dubai is a desert city. The city is very hot throughout the summer. During the winter months mercury drops to a very enjoyable 24°C.  It can get very burning in the summer, but … Read More

Choosing The Appropriate Luxury New York Hotels

Luxury New York Hotels

New York is one of the melting pots in the world. Possibly, this is among the many cities where you can discover almost all nationalities. Different cultures are also present in this metropolis due to migration in the early part of 20th century. For many, this migration has not come to an end yet because every year there is more and more individuals arriving to The Big Apple. You may not be planning to migrate to this city but if you are attempting to visit you should probably consider some important matters to find your luxury New York hotels.

For a location with among the greatest figure of yearly visitors, there is apparent a good number of hotels that you can choose from. Locating your … Read More

Booking For Luxury New York Hotels Online

Luxury New York Hotels Online

The city of New York is full of dreams, glamour, and art and of course, business. This is the metropolis that enticed a huge number of visitors from all parts of the globe. New York is regarded as among the finest cosmopolitan throughout the globe. The city is the largest in US and famous for its luxury New York hotels.

The city is well-known as well for its architectural wonders in the whole world. Among them are the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller, Times Square, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and a lot more. These architectural wonders mirror the culture, history, engineering, glamour and style of the city. Apart from these astounding buildings there are luxury New York hotels, museums, restaurants, Broadway shows making … Read More

Amuse Your Senses And Book For Luxury New Yourk Hotels

New Yourk Hotels

New York is considered as one of the hippest city in the world. It is the metropolis where there are lots of skyscrapers and it is mesmerizing that you would not find any reason to resist having a vacation in the place. The city presents locals and vacationers with a huge selection of almost anything like luxury New York hotels, delicacies, shoe shops and more. Actually, it is termed as the “city that never sleeps”.read this article!

Several luxury New York hotels dot the skyline of the city, varying in rates, accommodations and design to suit every preference. From funky to perky to downright fear-provoking hotels, New York possesses them all.

Huge figures of tourists see the city and take pleasure their grand stay. … Read More

5 Worth-It Budget Hotels of Dubai

K-Porte Inn

Cheap Hotels in Dubai; is a city everyone must visit, at some point or another. It has fascinating things like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai desert safari alongside the Jumeirah Beach and the immense shopping centers. They say, life begins and closes in Dubai and the individuals who affection to see the great sides of extravagance are qualified for arrangement a Dubai trip within the near future. Be that as it may if cash is not you are most prominent of qualities, don’t stress!
Give us a chance to settle your issue by tossing a couple of recommendations for the spending plan sits tight:

City max Al Barsha

This is a profoundly prescribed spending plan Hotels in Dubai its rooms are little yet the … Read More