Bizarre Dubai Hotel Suites

Dubai has gone far when it comes to tourist attraction, and this attracts more hotels in Dubai than what can be possibly imagined. It harbors 600 plus hotels in which 65 among it are five stars with one 7star. With this at hand to impress a guest now takes more than just wine or free wireless in each room. To impress a guest now takes more of aesthetics, luxury and some unimaginable structure that can keep the mind blowing. Imagine a building that stands up and high in the middle of the sea with it height up that you can imagine would have existed.

Best hotels suite in Dubai is not just something you can overlook. Because they provide you with a take home pleasant experience, Let us discuss some of this bizarre hotel suite in Dubai

The Gorgeous Kempinski Ski Chalet

The Kempinski ski chalet is one of the hotels in Dubai designed to hold 393 rooms. It was equipped with indoor snow park, and this park is the largest in the world. The snow park located inside the hotel is not the only bizarre that can be felt in the hotel. It is, even more, enticing with the sight of the large panorama window in which ski slope Is being viewed when accommodated in one of the 15 ski chalets. This fantastic suite is measured to have spanned 45 to 228 square meters in which it is beautified by tradition alpines furnishes. One of the best hotels in Dubai is Kempinski and among most visited. It is located at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

The Colorful Atlantis under Water Suite

Atlantis under suit is the best hotel in Dubai. It is provided with a picturesque view of the underwater animal. It harbors about 6500 water animal this made the view more enticing that what can be possibly imagined. The bathtub of the is suite is situated in such a way that it simulate underwater experience with your having views of the colorful animal and the animal having a curious look at you. There is also the Neptune and Poseidon suit that harbors three floors with a large window that gives a view of the artificial lagoon, the Ambassador Lagoon. The price of this colorful hotels starts from 9000 Euros per night.

The Great Burj Al Arabs Suite

It will be an overstatement to refer to Burj Al Arab as a cheap hotel in Dubai.  This is because it is the only 7star hotel in the world and not in Dubai. To have a single night rest in Burj Al Arabs will cost you 17000 Euros. Have the best experience night sleep my logging on the 25th floor where pillars are plated with gold and carpet are hand knotted to give a perfect mix of living room decoration. One of the chambers is equipped with the four-poster bed with a cinema to improve your day. Burj Al Arab is located on Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah Dubai. Find out more in this site :