Choose One: Marble or Tile or Wooden Floors

Flooring plays a significant role in beautifying the house. Marble, wood or tiles, any of them can be used to make a beautiful and adorable floor which gives your roomsa unique look. However, most of us often face a dilemma about which material to choose while flooring our house. Marble, wood, and tile floors are the most popular options for Parquet flooring in DubaiLeeds Furnishing is one of the leading suppliers of various types of floorings but to decide which one of them is the best, is a complicated task.

Comparison between marble, tile, and wooden floors:

Marble Flooring

Marbles are derived from the purest form of limestone. The use of marble in the floor gives your room an elegant look. It is a popular flooring material since many years.

Marble flooring is definitely the most stylish and durable flooring option amongst others. One can have honed finish, polished finish or rough finish with marble flooring. If the marble flooring gets faded, you can always get it re-polished, and it becomes as good as new.

People choose marble flooring for the royal, superior and decorative appearance it has. It is durable and has a perfect finishing. It has been very popular since old times and is also widely used in huge monuments and sculptures.

It is easy to maintain,and since it is hard and dense, ithas excellent durability.

Parquet Flooring Dubai
Parquet Flooring Dubai

Tile Flooring

Tiles are a very popular material for flooring and at present is the fastest growing trend. Tiles are available in different types of varieties, sizes, prints, colors and finish. As a result, it is very convenient to find tiles which match your room’s interiors and complement it really well.

Maintenance of tiles is also easy as they can be wiped, cleaned and mopped conveniently. With digitally printed tiles being available in avirtually endless number of patterns, they are fast replacing marbles as a preferred flooring option.

These are not only easy to maintain but also are very strong. The flooring does not attract much dust and hence keeps your room clean. The tiles being used in the floors are scratch and stain resistant.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring are also available now in thewide range of styles. Laminated flooring, hardwood flooring and much more are used to give your rooms a natural look.

They are a rich and stylish form of flooring. The various patterns of wood flooring give your room a beautiful and cozy feeling. One of the most famous styles of wooden flooring being Parquet flooring in Dubai whichcomprises strips of wood and other materials to form a pattern.

But they have a certain limitation. You should always try to keep the wood water free, the moment you see water wipe it off, as it harms the flooring.

Leeds Furnishing is one of the leading suppliers of various types of floorings and are most famous for their parquet flooring in Dubai. If you ever need any flooring, they should definitely be on the top of your list.