Gastric Balloon Surgery Process

Obesity is turning out to be an endemic problem worldwide. It can give rise to many other complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea etc, hence losing weight is very important for healthy living. Losing weight could be quite challenging and next to impossible for some individuals who have been trying physical exercise and diet for quite a long time, gastric balloon surgery in Dubai could help motivate people to lose weight in short period of time.


gastric balloon surgery dubai

Candidates who have BMI of 27 and above and have certain medical complications due to overweight are suitable for this gastric balloon procedure. There 3 commonly used gastric balloon surgery in Dubai  are ORBERA, RESHAPE, and OBALLON.


Gastric balloon is the non-surgical weight loss process that takes not more than 20 minutes to half an hour. It is a temporary procedure where the doctor introduces a deflated balloon into the stomach in order to reduce the space of the stomach so that the patient feels full and can’t eat much.


Gastric balloon process is relatively simple and is done under sedation or general anesthesia. The doctor uses an endoscopic procedure to introduce the inflated balloon into the stomach through the mouth and down passing the esophagus, later the balloon is filled with saline or air.the balloon has to be removed in 6 months.


The process is preferred as

It is non-invasive and requires a less recovery time and observation of 2 to 4 hours.

A Safer alternative to gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap band.

Patients do not have to follow for minimum diet

Their weight losses quite meaningful

Patients feel full for much longer time and it reduces hunger.

It may be helpful for a patient suffering from diabetes, cardiac problems, and joint issues.

Patients undergoing this procedure can lose up to  1/3%  of excess weight in six months.


The possible downsides of having a gastric balloon are

Can cause mild complications like nausea and discomfort.

May leak and deflate in the stomach unless an expert does the process

The process offers only a short-term results, so healthy eating habits need to be followed for long term results

There are chances of weight regain

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