Legal Advisor For Expat Who Love To Bring Pet On Dubai

The laws for expats are different in UAE. It is important for them to abide by them so they don’t land up in problems. If you are an expat in Dubai and need a legal expert to help you out with the problem, contact SM Law Firm. The experts at the firm make sure that you don’t face a lot of problems because of the issues.


Be it any type of case, a criminal one, a business-related issue or even a road safety case, one can easily get help from one of the top lawyers in Dubai. There is an expert professional for each and every type of case! Finding one is not a very tough job, even for expats!

Though one can find a lot of top lawyers in Dubai, there is a little confusion when it comes to who to approach for the matters concerning animals. Animal law is a relatively new concept and not many are aware of it. But there is an increase in the number o lawyers specializing in it.  

Though the procedure for importing a pet in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, looks as an overwhelming process at first, but it is not a very big problem as many expats living in the UAE have already gone through it!

Moving pets to Dubai

The laws for expats in Dubai are a little stringent and expats need to follow them at any cost. The three major rules for moving pets to the nation are –

All the required vaccinations must be given to the pet before arrival.

The pet must have an international health certificate which has been issues at least 10 days before entering the new destination.

The pet will be implanted with a standard microchip.

The laws in the UAE allow each expat to have 2 pets. And all the pets will have to travel in the cargo area of the airplane. However, it is unfortunate that there is no quarantine upon arrival unless the pet is 4 months young.

All the necessary information regarding pets and moving them can be obtained by contacting a legal advisor. Expats will have to be very careful when doing so.  Contact SM Law Firm for more information.