Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Everyone has a desire of living a luxurious lifestyle like princes, princesses, and celebrities. In order to fulfill their dreams, they design their places with lavish and opulent interiors that are one of a kind and not only brings them happiness and style but also creates an impression. Gone are the days when marbles and golden accessories were considered luxurious, today is the time of giving your interior an artistic and customized touch. Rather than being inspired by the trends and fashion, people like to add unique and new ideas to their interior. There is a growing craze of luxury interior design in Dubai and hence have given rise to many fabulous interior service providers.

grand hotel

If you are planning for a new place or redesigning the old one, then opting a luxury interior design in Dubai from leading interior design company can transform your place into a high-end interior according to your taste and needs analyzing your perception of luxury.

  • Paint

Nothing speaks of luxury more than the colors it is painted with. Painting your room is the first thing that gives it a modern and crisp look. Light neutral colors with black accessories can add to the luxury which surely brings the expensive vibe to your place. Choosing the bold colors for interior texture can be risky if we are expecting impactful and high-end luxurious designs.

  • Lamps and Chandeliers

Lamps and chandeliers can give a fabulous look to a room just by their existence. Originated in churches and castles chandeliers are the provenance of the wealthy and upper classes. These designer lightings of any kind are a focal point of every room they grace. It gives everyone a pampered and delightful feeling with an affluent appearance.

  • Crown molding

Crown molding is one the most pursued architecture upgrade today. It is a kind of graceful wood sculpturing which adds a splash of lavishness to the ceilings, cabinets and other areas which provide an expensive visual to your room. It can make the area look luxurious with its attractive detailing. You should opt for the wider trim to bring out the class and elegance of the room.

  • Hardwood

Earlier, wall to wall carpets was considered lavish and luxurious and was the first choice while planning for luxurious interiors. Now it has been replaced by the hardwood flooring which can cost you a bit high on the budget but will last for years proving their worth. You can go for the dark wood with placing a beautiful rug which will give a rich look.

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