Photography: A Memory lane tool.

Our photographs tell us what is more important for us. Memories or paper wealth.

When you ask anyone what possessions they would grab first from their burning house, one of the most frequent answer you will get is the photograph album or a computer having their digital images. When in panic mode, it’s quite interesting that we would probably always grab photos rather than valuable jewellery or money. The impulse to save our recorded memories, is a very powerful force, which describes us much about the role of photography in our forgetting lives and our constant desire to save and capture our most precious moments into images. Photography is a memory lane tool, which preserves important events and peoples in our lives. That first birthday, the marriage ceremony, the trip to UAE, all the sightseeing photography in Dubai and many more memories, all recorded because they matter to us, and which can be re-lived just by looking at those images. Photographs are like our personal timeline of past, all filled with places and persons we love. They are something, which we can share with others, even if they weren’t there to celebrate those captured moments.


Images are not just recorded moments. Photography speaks to the most generous and best part of human nature: the desire to share what we find interesting and beautiful with others. One can see nowadays on different image sharing social networking sites that millions of people are everyday sharing personal, adventurous and passionate world around them with all over the world. The photography has given us this immense gift to share our world, our memories and snaps of our lives with any stranger. How beautiful is that.

Photography in Dubai

Story of Photography

People used to note down memories on a notebook before the cameras were invented. Diary writing was the only way of keeping memories and moments alive for the future, other than remembering them. And if they missed to note down an important chapter of their life, it soon got forgotten.

When the first camera by Kodak was made available to local public, it was amazing and beautiful at the same time. The moments recorded coming to life, just at the bottom of a plastic box tray. People felt beautiful in themselves, looking at those memories and moments captured on a small piece of paper. Soon video capturing cameras came into lives, and changed everything. We were not just able to capture them on a paper, but also then it was finally possible to look at them, just the way things happened.

Technology has gifted us with photography, to relive and remember the moments and persons who matter to us. Thanks to photography, we can always have a look at our and other’s past, by just taking out that grandfather’s old album or browsing through that folder from cousin’s marriage.

Photography is an inseparable part of our lives, a memory lane tool, which may speak more than a thousand words or could be a part of your oldest memory.


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