Process for Applying Car Insurance

Have you recently bought a car? If yes, then buying car insurance should be your next move as having one is mandatory according to law in UAE. According to the law here third party liability coverage is the minimum level of car insurance required for every type of vehicle you drive. This insurance plan covers the car owners’ death, injury or third party’s property damage.  If you are looking to buy car insurance plan, then you must contact car insurance brokers Sharjah to get the best one according to your needs.


Before opting a particular car insurance, car insurance brokers in Sharjah will let you know the different types of insurance policies available for you to choose from. These include:

  • Third party insurance plan, fire insurance and theft insurance.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance plan
  • Fully comprehensive plan with various options including free car hire and cover in the other cites of UAE.

Some things to remember:

  •         Off-road driving insurance cover is not offered by all motor insurance policies.
  •         Old cars (usually above seven years) and some models of sports cars may not be liable to get a comprehensive cover.
  •         Young drivers may also not be liable for comprehensive insurance.

How to get car insurance?

You can yourself select car insurance company in Sharjah that can arrange for the type of cover online. However it is recommended to hire the best of car insurance brokers in Sharjah who can arrange different quotes from various companies and help you choose the best.

You must have a valid UAE residence visa, a UAE driving licence with validity of at least an year, and also a certificate of no previous claims, in order to get an insurance plan. This certificate can alter the cost of insurance plan you buy.

Now before applying for car insurance policy, you must be prepared with all of the following documents

  •         Copy of valid passport and residential visa.
  •         Copy of UAE driving licence.
  •         Sight test
  •         Car details like model of the car, age of the car.
  •         No claim certificate

After verifying these documents, the car insurance company will make you a liable holder of the insurance policy type you applied for.

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