Stop pests with neem oil

Maintaining a garden is quiet tough and that too if it is infested with pests. Finding safe and non-toxic pesticides that actually work is nothing less than a challenge! Each one of us is concerned about our families, the environment, and the food we eat; and therefore, we opt for non-toxic products. But unfortunately these non-chemical products have limited effectiveness. But don’t worry pest control companies in Dubai have an effective non chemical solution to address your concerns.

According to pest control companies in Dubai, Neem oil insecticide is a great solution to all your garden concerns. First timers may have many doubts like what is neem oil? Is it safe to use? Will it have any dangers?

Neem oil is the oil that is obtained from a tree called Azadirachta indica. It is a South Asian tree which usually found in huge numbers in India. The tree has several traditional uses outside its insecticidal traits. For centuries, neem seeds have been used in oil, wax, and soap preparations. It is also being used in many organic cosmetic products. The neem oil can be extracted from almost all parts of the tree, but the seeds have the highest concentration of insecticidal compound. There are several uses of the neem oil uses, however, gardeners love it for its anti-fungal and pesticide properties.

Uses of neem oil in garden

It has been proven that neem oil foliar spray is most useful when used for the growth of young plants. The oil is nearly non-toxic to bees, birds, bees and wildlife. Researchers have shown that the oil spray is safe to use and does not lead to cancer or other diseases.

Therefore, it can be said that neem oil is extremely safe to use on trees and plants if applied properly. The insecticide made of neem oil works as a systemic in plants when it is used as a soil drench. Once this insecticide is in the plant’s vascular system, the insects consume it while feeding. It is then that the compound in the neem oil causes the insects to cease feeding.

The insecticide is also effective in preventing the larvae from maturing and reduces or interrupts the insects’ mating behavior. In some cases, the oil also coats in the breathing holes of the insects and kills them. Neem oil is also a very useful repellent that helps get rid of mites and it is used to manage more than 200 other species of sucking or chewing insects including:

  •         Mealy bugs
  •         Aphids
  •         Scale
  •         Whiteflies

Applying neem oil foliar spray

There are some plants which can be killed by neem oil. So before spraying it, you need to test a small part of the plant and wait for at least 24 hours to see if there is any damage to the leaves. If there’s no damage, then you can continue spraying the neem oil foliar spray on the whole plant. Apply neem oil only in indirect light. Also, do not use the oil in extreme temperatures.