Vastu cannot be missed while designing your home.

Vastu shastra is an age old practice of Hindu system of architecture. This concept had been developed by lord Vishwakarma.

Need for vastu shastra

Vastu shastra is needed for the harmony, love, health, peace of mind of the people, prosperity in the business etc. Every house is built with a lot of fervour and hopes and a small mistake like not following the rules of the vastu might lead to unbearable situations. Thus we as an interior designer company in Dubai aim to eliminate all the vastu related issues for one and all.  Vastu shastra can become a necessity in many situations like when one is the reason for one’s plight and subsequent downfall, when one has a lot of problems with their spouse etc.

Things that need to be taken care of while choosing a house


An auspicious start to a house construction will be a construction that is initiated only when a bhumi pooja is done to mark the start of good things that will follow.

House entrance

A house with its main entrance in the east is the most auspicious one as the sun rises in the east and will thus be a messenger of positive energy and light in the household. Other directions that are also in terms with vastu are the one facing the north east.

Kitchen location

As per vastu the south east corner is the most acceptable location to build a kitchen. The cooking should be done while facing the east and the location of the kitchen should not be directly in front of the main entrance.

Dubai Interior designing
Vaastu in Interior Designing

Master bedroom

The locations where the bedroom can be created are the east facing or the south-west corner of the house.

Toilet location

Possible locations for the toilets and bathrooms are north-west corner of the building or the room or even the south east toilets are allowed. Kitchen, puja room and toilets should not be constructed adjacently.

As an interior designer company in Dubai, we provide our clients with the needed information and help to diminish their vastu related woes. To keep the problems that can be caused due to lack of vastu knowledge is mitigated by our Interior designer company in Dubai in the following ways:

  • Keeping the heavy furniture away from the middle of the house or the ‘Brahmasthan’ as it might lead to health related issues.
  • Residential offices are not constructed next to the offices.
  • Interior decorations like keeping a vase of fresh flowers on the east side of the desk with a few buds in the flower arrangement signify the emergence of a new life.
  • Our interior designer company in Dubai lays more stress on the wooden beds than the metal ones.
  • Decorative pieces like a single duck or a single butterfly should be avoided in the bedroom instead two of these or any other decorative items should be kept symbolizing a couple etc.

Everyone aims of a trouble free life and our Interior designer company in Dubai makes this dream of people turn into a reality by following the above mentioned ways and many other ways. Vastu is a very important aspect of life and it should be taken care of. Thus every small aspect should be taken care of otherwise adverse situations can be encountered.


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