Where all are the CCTV cameras installed at the airport

Airports are probably the biggest beneficiaries of the advancements made in video surveillance technology. To realize this you need to look no further than the major airports of some of the biggest cities like New York, Dubai as CCTV cameras at these airports have become a common sight. The operations at airports are very fast paced and so there is no room for errors, hence to imagine an airport without these CCTV cameras in the 21st century is very difficult. These help to, not only enforce the rules and regulations but also to prevent any terrorist threats. The recent improvements in IP surveillance technology and video analytics have taken security and surveillance to new heights.

Dubai is known for its security and its airport shares similar sentiment. If you analyze the placement of CCTV cameras at Dubai airport you will see that a lot of intelligence has gone into it. This is because many things are to be taken care of while placing these cameras so that the whole airport is covered. The most important points while setting up security cameras at airport terminals are:

  • Cover the entrances and exits

The cameras should be placed in such a manner that they cover all the entrances and exits so that the footage of everyone entering and leaving the terminal is taken.

  • Cover the open areas

All the airport activities going on in the open areas should be strictly monitored and recorded.

  • Cover the check-in area

Cameras should be placed in such a manner that clear images of passengers at the check-in area are taken. This is because it is very important for the airport security personnel to observe the procedures and protocols at the passenger check-in area.

  • Cover the security checkpoints

CCTV cameras help the security personnel in keeping an eye on congestion, confrontations and any skeptical activity. Using this, they can also keep an eye on suspicious passengers who might pose a threat.

  • Cover the connecting lines

Surveillance cameras should be used to keep a track of any dubious activity on trams or any mode of transportation that connects one part of the airport to the other

  • Cover the baggage claim areas

You might wonder, now that the passengers have already gone through so many security checks why not leave them alone while collecting their belongings. Well, it is the responsibility of the airport authorities to ensure that all the passengers get their luggage in proper condition. Thus, the security personnel uses CCTV cameras at the baggage claim areas to prevent any dangerous item and also to avoid thefts.

  • Cover the corridors

Surveillance in the small places like the corridors used for commuting through the terminals is also very important

  • Cover the restricted areas

Last but probably the most important places to secure are the restricted areas. The surveillance cameras help in making sure that only the people with appropriate authorization try to access these restricted areas.

Thus, the importance of these surveillance systems could not be stressed enough. In some of the major airports of the world like the John F. Kennedy International airport, London International airport and Dubai airport, CCTV cameras have made security plans foolproof. Thus, these have become the most important components of any airport right after the airplanes!!!

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